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How to use a nebulizer

How to use a peak flow.

How to use a spacer

Nebulizer not Working?

How to check if your nebulizer machine is not working.

  1.  Check if your machine turns on.
    • If it does, check if it blows out air. 
  2. Check if your nebulizer kit has a fixed baffle or a loose baffle. (refer to picture) If it has a loose baffle, please ensure it is on when checking to see if the nebulizer works.
  3. Put some water on the bottom cup and connect the kit to the nebulizer. Turn on the machine and check to see if there is any mist coming out of the cap, or mask if it is connected.
If your nebulizer machine or kit fail any of the previous tasks, you can bring your machine and kit to our office and we will check them for you and replace them if necessary.