Good health is central to a functioning society and connects us all. At RSQ Medical Equipment, our patient-centered approach revolves around the understanding of the healthcare system and needs of the people who live in emerging economies.

Building on our 5-year history in respiratory equipment, we have the potential to fundamentally change clinical practices, and the way patients are treated and the outcomes they receive. By having our nebulizers available at the point of care in the physician’s office, we help patients get treatment when they need it the most, avoiding emergency room visits, missed workdays and missed school days.


  • A RSQ Medical Equipment representative will set up your clinic so that you can provide a nebulizer to any patient in need for same day treatment, helping to keep your patients compliant.
  • When a nebulizer is prescribed, a simple form needs to be filled out and signed by the physician and patient or guardian.
  • Your RSQ representative will manage the clinic’s nebulizer inventory by visiting regularly to restock inventory and pick up completed paperwork.
  • We will also provide compliance education and training as part of our service to your staff.

At RSQ Medical Equipment, we’re driven by innovation and our commitment to make a real-life difference in patients’ lives.  We look forward to partnering with you to make this possible.