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Whether you are looking to bottle-feed your baby, increase your milk supply, or stock up your freezer our Collection Cups are the perfect hands-free breastfeeding choice. More secure than the older models, our cups are leak-proof because of the closed system design. Milk is drawn directly into the cup and then poured into your choice of storage bottle, milk bag, or feeding bottle. Zomee Silicone Collection Cups hold up to 8 ounces of breast milk and have an easy-to-pour spout. Made for different shapes, every kit contains a size 24mm and size 28mm silicone breast shield. Moms will appreciate this addition to their breastfeeding routine.


How to: Using your pumps tubing, simply attach the Collection Cups tube adapters to one end, and you are ready to pump hands-free.


All sales are final. Breast Pump not included.

We do not accept returns if the original packaging or box is open.

· The soft silicone breast shield lays smoothly on the breast increasing comfort

· BPA and Phthalate Free

· 2 size options for a better fit – 24mm and 28mm

· Hands-Free

· 8-ounce capacity

· Easy pour spout

· Two (2) 24mm silicone breast shield
· Two (2) 28mm silicone breast shield
· Two (2) diaphragm caps
· Two (2) diaphragm
· Two (2) breast shield bodies
· Four (4) duckbill valves
· Two (2) 240ml/8oz cups
· Two (2) tubing adapter (A)
· Two (2) tubing adapter (B)
· One (1) user manual in English and Spanish
· 90-day warranty
*Breast pump motor is not included

What is the difference between the Silicone Hands-Free Collection Cups and other collection cups?

The Zomee silicone hands-free collection cups come with a soft silicone breast shield that provides maximum comfort during breastfeeding. The shields are designed to lay smoothly on the breast, increasing comfort and preventing discomfort or pain. Breastfeeding can be a sensitive and emotional experience, and our soft silicone shields ensure that it is as comfortable as possible.


How to clean the Silicone Hands-free collection cups?

Avoid harsh detergents and hard scouring sponges as this may scratch or damage the products. Exposure to detergent may make the silicone appear cloudy over time. 


Can I clean the valves using a brush?

Please do not use a cleaning brush inside the valves as this may damage the valve or shorten its lifespan.


How often should I replace the duckbill valves?

Replace the duckbill valves every 1-3 months (2 spare valves are provided) and other parts every 3-6 months

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